NTL’s loan service with “Tidlor Card”

Creating a new normal for car trading for cash

Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited (NTL) or TIDLOR, revealed the latest addition of “Tidlor Card” revolving payment card to its existing lending services.

Enabling vehicle title owners to cash in loans from Thailand’s leading commercial ATM banks, the Tidlor card allows NTL customers to instantly access cash while eliminating the process of filing documents and commuting. to service branches.

Currently serving motorcycle owners with existing records with the company, NTL plans to expand customer service with other types of loans.

For more information on NTL services, please contact NTL branches nationwide or call the NTL Call Center at 088-088-0880.

To promote the benefits of the Tidlor Card l, NTL published a series of announcements under the theme “NTL Giving Card”, describing NTL customers facing unexpected financial circumstances from which they are rescued by the Tidlor Card. Told in a fun, straightforward and light-hearted way, NTL Giving Card is available on NTL’s Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Ngern Tid Lor, or TIDLOR, is a market leader among non-bank loan providers. Relying on innovations and technological platforms, the company strives to create the best possible experience for customers through the provision of omnichannel services, mainly auto credit and non-life insurance products under the brand “Ngern Tid Lor ”.

NTL’s mission is to make the source of funds fair and transparent, especially for underbanked customers with less opportunity to access financial products and services from commercial banks. Led by a team with over 30 years of loan management experience, NTL continues to lead innovation in auto loans in Thailand. It also sets new standards for other products and services such as 10-Minute Motorcycle Instant Loans, 1-Hour Sedan Truck Instant Loans, and Automatic Debit Card or Card on Wheel Title Loan. which can be used to withdraw the loan. from major commercial bank ATMs across Thailand.

As a result, NTL became the fastest growing auto loan provider in Thailand, ending 2019 with the highest market share based on outstanding balance, and remained among the top five brokerage firms. Thailand based on the growth of insurance premiums.

More information on NTL’s products and services is available at www.ngerntidlor.com.

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