Need financing quickly? Try the PNB home loan against property

Financial emergencies provide no warning before they hit hard. But, when they happen, they devastate a person’s life and finances.

However, you no longer have to worry about financial emergencies, provided you own a residential or commercial property. PNB Housing offers quick approval loans on property so you can solve your financial problems in a convenient way.

Interested? Keep reading to learn more.

Use funds freely

The main advantage of PNB loan against property is that you can use it for any urgent need. So you can use the money to build or buy a house, buy land, buy a motor vehicle, sponsor a wedding or a trip, start a business, consolidate existing debt, and more.

However, do not use it to buy stocks or mutual funds or invest in risky assets.

You can read PNB Housing Finance customer reviews to check how borrowers are spending the loan compared to housing funds.

High loan amount

You can use the PNB Housing loan against property to obtain funds up to 60% of the current market value of your property.

Since the interest rate on a home loan is usually lower than most other loans, it’s probably a good deal.

Affordable EMI

With ultra-low interest rates, PNB Housing’s EMI home loan never disrupts your financial planning. You can easily adapt the EMI loan to your monthly budget and repay seamlessly.

The interest rate for a home loan largely depends on the borrower’s credit rating. Thus, a borrower with a high credit score of 800 and above generally obtains an interest rate between 8.25% and 8.75%.

term of the loan

The repayment period of the PNB Housing Loan against property is between five (5) and twenty (20) years. You can use the Free Loan vs. EMI Property Calculator to change the term as often as you like until you arrive at an affordable EMI figure. Lenders generally increase the interest rate on short-term loans since the credit risk is higher on these loans.

You can check PNB Housing Finance customer reviews to see what users are saying about loan terms and interest rates.

Unhindered use of property

One of the main advantages of applying for a PNB Housing loan against the property is that you can continue to live in your mortgaged property. However, once you submit the property papers to the lender, they become the legal owner of the property.

However, they cannot use the property for any purpose other than those mentioned in the loan agreement. So you can continue to live or use the property the way you used it before applying for the loan.

But, if you stop reimbursing the EMI, PNB Housing can liquidate the property to recover its due.

Simple documents

Documentation is a crucial part of the PNB Housing loan against property approval. Proper documentation ensures that the borrower is genuine and has sufficient income to support additional expenses (EMI).

Therefore, you must prepare the documents before applying for a home loan.

Some mandatory documents include proof of identity and address, educational certificate, proof of income, tax returns, bank account statements and property papers.

Borrowers must also pay a processing fee of between 1% and 3% to enable the proper processing of the loan application.

What is the eligibility for a fast approval loan against property?

PNB Housing’s loan-against-property approval process is fast and transparent. However, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria to ensure seamless loan approval.

Here are the factors that PNB Housing evaluates before approving a loan on the property:

  • Credit score– You can get the best interest rate if your credit score is above 800. But, if your credit score is below 800, you can get the loan approved by paying a higher interest rate.
  • Monthly income– Lenders specify the minimum income required to apply for a property loan. Check PNB Housing Finance customer reviews to understand how much you should earn to secure a fast loan against property approval.
  • Age – The closer you get to the maximum entry age, the harder it becomes to get loan approval. So, it is wise to apply for a home loan when you are young.


The PNB Housing property loan is the best way to get cash when needed. The advantages mentioned above can sweeten your offer. However, be sure to read PNB Housing Finance customer reviews before applying for a property loan.

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