Loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor


Borrowing is sometimes not as easy as we would like it to be. Obstacles and traps lurk everywhere, which have to be skilfully circumvented so that in the end the loan that was sought can also be taken out.

Especially when Credit Bureau is not quite as well positioned, it can lead to difficulties in borrowing. Because a weakening Credit Bureau is not welcome by the banks and savings banks and is acknowledged with a rejection of the loan application.

Anyone who does not want to be dissuaded from the project in spite of all of this must either seek a guarantor in such cases or take out the loan in other ways. Since the addition of a guarantor does not represent a great deal of effort and therefore does not require any major explanation in our eyes, we would much rather like to show you options for a loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor. Because this seems much more interesting and, moreover, more complex, so we are sure that our explanations in the search for the right loan offer will certainly help you.

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantors from a private hand

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantors from a private hand

Have you ever heard of personal loans? This is not necessarily a loan or loan that is granted to you by a close relative or acquaintance. Rather, it is a loan that is granted by private individuals to private individuals.

Such loans are offered on special portals that you can find on the Internet. Lenders and borrowers are brought together there. The donors are private investors who want to increase their money with the help of loans. After all, there is a good interest rate on the loan that is far from being achievable with other forms of investment.

The focus of the borrowers is primarily on those who do not receive credit in the conventional way due to their negative Credit Bureau. However, it is important that only the Credit Bureau is allowed to be a problem in the room. If you also have problems with your income, you will not get a loan from a private person despite Credit Bureau without guarantor. Because somehow you have to be able to repay the loan. And you can only do this if you have a decent income that secures your livelihood.

If you take out a loan as a personal loan despite Credit Bureau without a guarantor, you must make your loan request known on the portal already mentioned. Describe which loan amount you need for which project. Also state what kind of collateral you bring with you. If a private lender is found, he will contact you and submit a loan offer. If you like the offer, a loan agreement can result. If it doesn’t fit, you have to keep looking. Maybe even abroad.

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor as a foreign loan

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor as a foreign loan

Even if it may sound a bit strange at first, German citizens with a permanent residence in Germany have the opportunity to take out a loan abroad. Not every bank abroad grants this credit. However, some of them are very happy to do this. We would like to introduce a bank house to them a little more.

Sigma Kreditbank is headquartered in the tranquil Principality of Liechtenstein. The bank has been known for its foreign loans for many years and is particularly popular with German customers. The reason for this is on the one hand the fact that despite Credit Bureau the loan is granted without a guarantor, which is good enough for all those who carry negative entries in Credit Bureau with them. On the other hand, the offer made by the bank is fair and tempting.

The offer – perhaps contrary to expectations – is only a loan with two different loan amounts. The reason for this limitation is that, as a borrower, you can find out in advance exactly what you can expect from the bank and what consideration you have to pay for it. The bank also naturally wants to protect itself and keep the default risk as low as possible.

A small loan with a loan amount of 3,500 or 5,000 USD is offered. This has an effective interest rate of 11 percent. The loan must be repaid to the bank within 40 months. This results in monthly installments of 105 and 150 USD, respectively. The repayment starts the month after next after the contract is signed.

Despite Credit Bureau without guarantor from Liechtenstein, the loan is available when there is a fixed income with which the monthly expenses and the expenses for the loan can be covered. The minimum age of the borrower is 18 years. The main place of residence and the current account must be in Germany. The Credit Bureau query is omitted. Likewise, an entry about taking out the loan. The money from the loan is only transferred to the account. A cash payment is not possible. All forms for the application can be found on the bank’s website and must be completed and signed together with the income and identity documents and sent to the bank. Processing takes place within a few days.


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