IPDC’s “Shubodh” loan service for the purchase of books is relaunched

IPDC Finance Ltd has restarted the country’s only lending service for the purchase of books, “Shubodh”, from Tuesday, February 15.

Originally launched at Ekushey Boi Mela 2020, Shubodh was operated online with Rokomari.com in 2021 Ekushey Boi Mela due to pandemic.

This year again, Shubodh is available on the site of the online bookseller Rokomari.com, reads a press release.

Shubodh’s slogan “Notun Boi-er Ghran-e, Shubodh Jaguk Pran-e” translates to the belief that books can strengthen our minds and help us overcome difficulties.

IPDC Managing Director and CEO Mominul Islam said, “Knowledge illuminates the ways of life. Reading is a necessary habit to gain more knowledge, strengthen the mind, and help build strong principles for living. We sincerely hope that Shubodh will help stimulate people’s interest in buying books as well as the average readership in the country, helping people gain new and fresher perspectives on various topics that interest them.”

With this initiative, the IPDC aims to encourage the habit of reading among readers and non-readers alike, despite the weight of any financial burden.

Applicants can apply for a Shubodh loan from the “IPDC Shubodh” tab on the homepage of the Rokomari website.

Applicants will then be required to submit their own photo, along with a photo of their national ID card, student card or other professional ID.

Accepted applicants will receive an SMS confirmation, after which they will be free to order their desired books using the Shubodh loan.

The loan service is exclusive to Bangladeshi citizens aged 18 or above. The maximum loan amount is Tk 3,000 and can be repaid in three installments without interest charges.

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