Housing loan: 9.48 lakh people benefited from OTS scheme in Andhra Pradesh, minister says

Housing Minister Ch. Ranganatha Raju said that 9.48 lakh people have availed the benefits of the Single Settlement Scheme (OTS) introduced by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under which outstanding housing loans are forgiven on the payment of a nominal amount.

The patta provides “full title” to the house in which the beneficiary lives. The amount levied from the scheme is ₹338.18 crore, the minister said while responding to a question raised by TDP MP K. Atchannaidu during the Assembly session on Monday.

Mr Ranganatha Raju said the beneficiaries of various housing schemes, although in possession of the properties, did not yet have an ‘absolute right’ to the site of the house.

“The OTS scheme aims to secure property rights over land. Moreover, the patta guarantees hassle-free transactions such as sale, mortgage or gift of the properties according to the registry service law. Now, registrations can be done in the village or neighborhood secretariats,” the minister said.

Exports increase

Responding to the question posed by MPs Kakani Govardhana Reddy, PV Satish Kumar, Gudivada Amarnath, M. Venugopal and VV Krishna Prasad, Special Chief Secretary B. Radha provided an answer stating that the growth rate of exports in the State had increased by $2 billion in Fiscal Year 2020-2021, representing a 13.5% increase over the previous year.

In the financial year 2020-21, the export value was $16.8 billion (equivalent to ₹1,24,745 crore), compared to $14.8 billion in 2019-20. Andhra Pradesh contributed 5.8% of India’s total exports and rose from seventh to fourth position in 2020-21.

The district export plan and the state export plan have identified the products with high export potential, and the state government is also attracting e-commerce giants to put the products online, according to the answer.

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