Dvara E-Dairy and Jana SFB jointly launch livestock loan service for farmers in TN and Karnataka

Dvara E-Dairy Solution aims to create synergy between dairy farmers, financial services institutions and value chain companies to help them make informed decisions

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions has launched Dvara Surabhi Loan, a livestock loan delivered digitally by leveraging new era technologies in partnership with Jana Small Finance Bank to create scalable access to finance for unbanked and underserved smallholder dairy farmers. banks in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The Dvara E-Dairy Cattle Loan offers dairy farmers tailored loan products for the purchase and maintenance of livestock. Dependence of cash on dairy products and quality of livestock management are assessed using a combination of “Surabhi score”, a comprehensive score obtained on the basis of numerical assessment Livestock which shows how well livestock is being managed and estimated cash flow for the next 12 months taking into account various factors, as well as farmers’ credit score. This helps to mitigate risk and identify the “right borrower” for the loan. The loan amount ranges between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 150,000, with an average note size of Rs. 80,000. The loan product will go a long way in enabling financial access for small and medium dairy farmers to improve their livelihoods and increase their income.

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“Surabhi Loan has been launched in some areas and we are encouraged by the results. 30% of our customers are new borrowers and we have received 100% digital repayments on time. We have now extended our service across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, with plans for gradual expansion to other parts of the country,” said Ravi K.A.Founder and CEO, Dvara E-Dairy Solutions.

The Dvara E-Dairy solution aims to create synergy between dairy producers, financial services institutions and value chain companies to help them make informed decisions. Dvara E-Dairy’s Surabhi platform provides comprehensive financial management and livestock management solutions to Indian small and medium dairy farmers. As part of its Surabhi platform, Dvara E-Dairy has created the following solutions:

  • surabhi id – Unique, digital, tamper-proof and verifiable livestock identity based on mouth ID.
  • Surabhi score – A full score arrived based on the numerical assessment of livestock by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and incorporating advanced veterinary science and practices. Helps to underwrite livestock with precision and achieve scale.
  • Dvara Surabhi – a Do-it-yourself (DIY) mobile application allowing breeders to know the health status of livestock (as an indicator) in 60 seconds.
  • Loan Dvara Surabhi – Cattle Loan by Farmer Surabhi Score + C

(The story is based on a press release from Dvara E-Dairy Solutions.)

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